Nick became interested in music in his early teens when he heard his sister playing trance music. he would then forever be electronically influenced and set about on a journey of musical exploration. he was inspired by trance for a long period before moving over to Los Angeles where the underground circuit would change his world forever.


Meeting a local Moroccan DJ, Omar Moro brought up his first shift in style and Nick was introduced to minimal and techno. Soon after this; globally recognised and acclaimed producer John Aquaviva took Nick's attention and he became locked into techno and in particular the work of definitive recordings bringing him to idolise and admire producers such as Greg Kobe, Oliver Giaccomotto, Phunk Investigation, Adam Beyer. Not quite knowing at this time that in 5 years' time; John Aquaviva and Greg Kobe would be supporting and helping him with his own Sounds.


Moving quickly and ferociously deeper and deeper into the circuitry of underground dancemusic Nick hurled through the genres familiarising himself will the globalsound of dance music. He became a profound lover of Progressive. Another two artists Nick highly champions is John Digweed and Nick Muir; founders of Bedrock Records. His style was now gearing towards playing out all forms of house music. But his style just cannot be pigeon holed or relegated to one style or pinned down. He can go from upfront vocal house into filthy electrohouse in the drop of a hat, combining genres effortlessly and reading crowds like open books. An energy behind the decks that is as unique as his productions. Personally though Nick favours tough music, tech house, techno, progressive,it has to be big, it has to be filthy and move crowds in such a unique and original way that is leagues ahead of the norm.

Nicks journey officially started as a DJ at The biggest clubs in London. His first gig was at super club Heaven. Other world known artists also began their career at this huge club, two such artists were John Digweed and Paul Oakenfold whom both held residencies there for a period of time. He played a full six weeks in a row upstairs in the progressive and tribal room before playing out to 1800 people on only his seventh gig as a DJ. Not long after this and within the year Nick had played at every major London super-club including The Ministry of Sound,Pacha, China White, The White-House, The EGG, Fire, Gigalum and many private locations around central London. Within the same period he has been from London England to Los Angeles, Miami, Eastern Europe, Ibiza, Greece and many more top party destinations. Playing at LA's finest and most recognised Super Club;Avalon. He played out at Miami Music Conference 2011 and another of the UK's top venues; Digital Newcastle.


Nick has played on line-ups besides the world's top talent, including Fede Le Grand,Arno Cost, Kim Fai, Sander van Doorn, 2 Good Souls, Steve Murrell, Rob Nutek,Felix Leiter, Dubfire, Mark Fanciulli, Ant Brooks, Tristan D, Tristan Ingram,John Mancini, Hoxton Whores, Alex Ellenger, Jack Jones, Rob Maynard, Alex Blanco, Ian Hadassi, Thomas Penton and more.


Nick already has a very busy 2012 with gigs in Romania, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London,LA all lined up. His first gig of the year is on the Viva Boat party which is set to be the biggest Boat party London will see this year and is already sold out. He will be playing alongside the Hoxton Whores and Eden Resident - Alex Ellenger.




Nick soonmoved into production in 2010 and this is where his talents really shine. Hisfirst record was released with the mighty Phunk Investigation over in Italywhich paid tribute to the fact he is indeed quarter Italian, quarter polish andhalf Scottish - quickly gaining support from all three and satisfying his DNA.One record made completely on his own with absolutely no education on producingmusic and the other was engineered with Stu Hirst from Global Underground.

Next up was Isla la Suenos which is simply one of the best progressive tracks of 2011and includes massive remixes from Steve Murrell and Geoffrey Vincent. Therecord was released on top Miami underground label; Sheeva Records.

Following this came the massive Live to Be High which was engineered with globally recognised super producer Timo Garcia. The record was released on top flight underground record label; Serotonin Digital owned by The Serotonin Thieves. A solid grooving tech house track that is killer on the dance floor. This original record comes with three massive remixes from The Serotonin Thieves, Marcella and the huge Kyle Watson from South Africa.

Nicks latest release on Axis Trax is being played around the Globe and getting lovefrom the following artists.

AdamNics, Claire Spooner, Jesse Garcia, Joey Silvero, Marcus Gauntlett, Nick Hook,Paul Van Dyk, Awesome 3, Placidic Dream, Rob Nutek, Roger Sanchez, SergioMatina, Severino Panzetta, Tommy 'T', Walter Wall (Ministry/Hed Kandi Egypt).

Another monster record that will soon be played all over the planet is his Collaboration with Thomas Penton, the super producer from Argentina who has made music for the likes of Tiesto.

Nick's release schedule is jam packed already with massive track after massive track.Working full time with the world's top artists in the underground including Steve Murrell, Rob Nutek, D O N S, Greg Kobe, So Called Scum Bags, Alex Ellinger, Ben Malone, JJ Mullor, Cole Johnston, Mark Lewis, Timo Garcia and many many more.

Other top names supporting Nick and has sound include Markus Schulz, Marcel Woods, Randy Boyer, Nick Muir, John Aquaviva, Anne Savage, Aaron Ross just to name a few...



It is at this point Nick would like to thank some individuals who have been absolutely paramount to his success, without these people he could never have advanced as fast or as ferociously as he has. Top of the List is Steve Murrell,, Steve in Nick's words and opinion is " The greatest progressive producer in the Galaxy" Steve is a true under-ground artist who has worked his socks offto get to where he is today and that is at the fore-front of electronic music.

"Cheers Steve, you're the Ballux"

Progressive,electronic, cutting edge dirty beats; you know when Steve is behind the decks.Everyone takes notice. Transfixing people with his unique sought after sound.

It's not just any old music, it's a sensory overload crafted from a deep love for Music. Steve's progressive vision is still as fresh as it was over a decade ago when he started out on pirate radio in London, UK, also promoting his own nights like Naughty but Nice, with his own brand of hard edged house music.

Residencies followed, at London's Club UK with Final Frontier and Complex. Along with this, Steve performed main arena sets at Tribal Gathering and a string of successful nights in the States and Europe.

It's not about the money, being a "DJ" and the rest that goes with it. It's about making music, mixing music, loving music and making sure everyone else gets just as much out as he puts in.

After twelve years touring and a break away from the scene on TV and radio projects Steve is back in the studio working on a whole load of new tracks, with the new EP not disappointing fans of progressive electronic beat.

Rob Nutek is another of Nick's full time production partners and in an extremely short space of time he and Rob have created some killer underground tunes that are set to rock dance floors from one end of the world to another.

With a career spanning 2 decades, Rob Nutek has emerged as a DJ who understands his audience. His journey with music began studying the House and Techno movements in the United Kingdom during the late 80's and early 90's. He played at various venues throughout the Midlands area of the UK staying focused on finding trademark sound. Spending the better part of the 90's residing in the US, Rob traveled across the country performing in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Hollywood.

In 2001, Nutek headed to Asia to set up base in Thailand playing the country'stop clubs while he also frequented the decks of parties in the 'Ibiza of theEast' - the breath-taking islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan Legendary Full Moon party. Rob would then go on to landed a 2 year residency at Bangkok'ssuper club FLIX, playing alongside the likes of Judge Jules, Lil Louis Vega and Seb Fontaine. 2006 saw Rob headed south towards the equator, travelling to Malaysia to take a resident DJ position at The Loft 'Upstairs' (Kuala Lumpur)which at the time was leading the local dance music scene. With international DJ's gracing the same turntables on regular occasions this made his want for more increase, his penchant for understanding music and crowds carried with him, landing him regular gigs at assorted events around Malaysia and in the neighbouring Singapore, Brunei, and Thailand.

It was also around this time when he started looking seriously into the idea of production. He joined forces with friends and fellow DJ's, Glynn Tandy andBlastique to form NU-TANDIQUE as a quick project, an electro based outfit.Their maiden effort was in collaboration with The CUT (Sydney), a track - 'GimmeHead' by the Radiators, a well-known Australian punk band. It was released in the Australian charts and stayed in the Top 10 for the ten consecutive weeks eventually resting on a comfortable number three. 'Gimme Head' is featured (signed, Vicious Records, AU) with the MINISTRY OF SOUND SESSION 5 ANNUAL '08. Rob would also go on to team up with Los Angeles based DJs Mark Lewis & Sean Ray to form "Hollywood Knightz", their remix of Paul Oakenfold's"Mesmerized" has gained quite a lot of attention for the trio.

Currently settled in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Rob regularly tours SE Asia with stops at the famed Club Lime (Thailand), White Room (Borneo), and Luna Bar (KualaLumpur), Bar Twenty One (KL) and recently started a residency at Quinte (KL).After starting his own label (RE: NU) Rob has quickly established himself as a regular on Beatport as well as in the record boxes of DJs worldwide. In recent months, he signed tracks to Baroque, Perfecto, Looq, System, Gut Feel, AxisTrax, Rebel Records & Babylon Records In the past year, 2 of Rob's own singles "Excite Me" (Baroque) and "Listen To The Lyrics"(RE:NU) have charted in the Top 100. His productions have been gaining support from "A List" DJs (Roger Sanchez, Yousef, and K-Klass)

Today things are moving faster than ever. From being a featured performer at WMC 2011 to planning his new studio setup in Amsterdam, Rob is on his way to securing a foot hold in today's tech-house music scene worldwide. 2011 we will see Rob team up with some very cool names as he has forthcoming collaborations with everyone from Angel Alanis and Max Graham to Tom Pooks and Mark Kane.

As Rob continues to discover new layers to add to his music, he continues to discover himself as an artist, and as a person.

Another weapon added to Nick's arsenal of top world talent includes the mighty Thomas Penton currently handling Nicks mastering and engineering huge track anthems with Nick

The future is exceedingly bright for this young super star DJ and Producer and Nick looks forward to continuing his journey in sound and to the good times ahead for himself and his loyal Team of dedicated music making machines.

See you all on the Dance Floor.

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